Hello! You're here because your proof has been sent to you, we've made some revisions, and we're getting read to send to print. Please read the following very carefully.

Be sure to review all spelling on names, review your dates (including years) and all copy with a fine tooth comb.  Once I send to print, NO changes can be made without incurring additional costs, and I am not liable for any spelling errors or mistakes in copy after being signed off by you. Any changes made after sending to print will incur the original cost of printing.  



Slight changes in color and opacity may happen during the printing process; colors may appear slightly different on your screen than when you receive the printed copies. This is natural and can happen due to the soft, matte finish of the paper. I do everything in my power to make them match!


Please take care and ensure your shipping address is correct. You can find this information your Order Confirmation email.

If your delivery gets lost due to an incorrect address given to me, all delays and extra costs will be at your expense. If something happens in shipping that was not your fault, I will do everything I can to help out and ensure your shipment makes its way to you! 

Note that printing + shipping can take between 5-8 weeks. A tracking # will be sent to you when your package is shipped so you can follow along it's journey.
*Please try to refrain from e-mailing me asking me for updates unless we have spoken about different timelines or if timelines are out of this scope. Production is a process and I cannot speed it up.



Lastly, please ensure you have ordered the proper amount of invitations, and ideally, a few extra in the event you need more. Remember you may want one for keepsakes, and one for your photographer on your wedding day. I cannot do small batch orders, so you're looking at ordering a minimum of 25 should you need more. 

Everything look good?

Awesome! Simply reply to my e-mail saying you have read my disclaimer, and I will get everything sent to print! Want to know what happens next? Review the next steps here.