Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions. I hope these help answer your questions about the order process. If not, feel free to send along your question and I will be happy to get back to you! If you're inquiring about a custom order, please inquire on my contact page instead.

A digital proof is sent after payment + info is received (this can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks after ordering). Corrections will be made if necessary, and we will not send to print until everything is 100% approved by you.

**If you haven't heard from me, have a look at your junk mail as sometimes my emails end up there.

You will notice that 'Semi-Custom' are pre-designed templates. This is the perfect choice if you find one you love and would like to personalize it a bit. If you want something one-of-a-kind, my Custom option is for you! You will simply pay a design fee to work with me 1-on-1 on top of the cost of your invitations.

β€’ Envelope Color (you will select this on the form after)
β€’ Passport Color (you will select this on the form after)
β€’ Foil Color/No Foil (copper, gold, silver or no foil)
β€’ Your personal information & photos
β€’ Wording. For instance, if the template says "See you in Paradise", and you want it to say "Join us in the Bahamas!" - thats definitely customizable! - If it's an 8-page design: you may choose what the 6th page contains (itinerary, map, or a photo of you)

The whole idea of choosing a semi-custom template is picking something you have seen before and know the end result. It's also a quicker turnaround time for you. Therefore, the following can NOT be changed on semi-custom orders:

1. Fonts
Fonts can not be changed; what you see in the template is how your proof will arrive. If you want a different font, we can use ANY font in a custom order.

2. Colors
I get asked this one alot, but unfortunately, you cannot change the inside colors of a semi-custom template. If you have specific colors you'd like used (other than the Passport cover, which is able to be changed!) then please place a custom order!

3. Florals/Overall layout
If you'd like me to remove the florals from the template, I can do this. However, I cannot change or replace them with different ones. In this case, please select a different template or order custom.

4. Number of pages
Please order the 4 page or 8 page accordingly; if ordering a boarding pass, you will choose whether to add a second side or not. I do not do 6 pages or 12 pages.

If you changed your mind about the template, please contact me and I will switch it for you. If you decide to switch it after I've sent you a proof, it will be a $50 fee to account for the time already put in. Please be certain of the template you're choosing and be aware of what you can and can't change on it!

A 4 page Passport is simply the front/back cover + 2 inner pages.
An 8 page Passport is the front/back cover + 6 inner pages.

Yes! I can do absolutely any color. Send me a color swatch, your pinterest board, etc and I can use that color.

Absolutely! Click here to order a sample pack. Keep in mind this is NOT your information, it’s just so you can see & feel the paper quality, foil, and different options.

I highly recommend checking out this blog post for a more detailed overview of timelines. The short answer, is I recommend 1 year in advance for destination weddings!

Please view my "Process" page for the most current turnaround time!

Since your order is personalized to you, I cannot offer refunds. This is why digital proofs are sent, to be sure you will be 100% happy with the result.

This is a complicated question, and it really depends on your timelines, type of booking, and personal preference. I have a blog post with tons of information on this topic here.

Hi fellow Canadian! I am actually in Canada too. The thing is, 95% of my customers are in the USA, so it made more sense for the store to be in USD. Since I can only have 1 primary currency, that had to be it. You can see prices in Canadian dollars by using the currency selector in the top right hand corner, but prices will be charged in USD upon checkout.

Yes. Unfortunately I cannot do small batch orders. Passports have a minimum of 25, while boarding passes and boarding pass sets are 15.

My minimum order is 25, so PLEASE ensure you are ordering a few extra when you place your initial order. I cannot do small batch orders, even for reprints.

I recommend 5-10 extra on TOP of your guest list to cover the following: - Keepsakes for you and your family - One to save for your photographer to photograph on the wedding day - Should you have any additional guests you want to invite, you are covered!

Please contact me so we can discuss your needs. :)

Yes, but you will need to add a language fee to your cart, and you will need to translate when you submit your form.

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